How to attract customers on facebook ?

This could be the 64 thousand pound question but if you don’t over think this process you will attract customers to you. Keep it simple !

So where do you start ? I’m going to break this topic into 3 parts so you can take action step by step.

Watch video below what you can be doing wrong on facebook

‘MLM- How to attract customers on facebook Part 1’

You heard in video above about a young lady who shared her problem that I think most people struggle within their Network/ MLM business  because they brand the company and not them selfs.

Imagine if you went on someone profile and seen a company logo or what product they selling , what would you do ? That’s right you would research the company or product and we all now that google is great place but it can bring up all types of misleading information .

  • From my experience I wouldn’t recommend putting your company logo or name in your cover picture on any social media instead brand you or your lifestyle or perhaps before and after photos on your facebook wall and show you lost weight if your in health & wellness business but no logo in photo, this will create curiosity and people will start reaching out to you asking questions
  • The young lady was taking action and reaching out to people but personally still struggling on how to attract customers on facebook because she was giving away her power by showing her products on facebook wall and telling them to take look and get back to her !
  • By asking them  to take look at products on her wall and reply back is like advertising for someone else because your showing off products and again they will find the same products perhaps with       someone else  who offering an add on along with product also your not asking a open end question to  find out how you can serve them and if there looking for your product, always keep some kind of conversation going and finish on your good friendship terms.

Take a look on your social media and see if your doing these 2 tips right or wrong, if you are just correct them and you will start seeing more interaction an people reaching out to you because you never know who your next customer will be !

In next video ‘Part 2’ I will be sharing some scripts / lines to open conversation to get more replies.

If you got any value from this post I appreciated if you share with others or comment below, I read all comments and reply back.

Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

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